Community Fundraises Towards to Rebuilding Playground

Destruction as begun in anticipation for a new playground (Photo taken by Ben Heydt)

Destruction as begun in anticipation for a new playground (Photo taken by Ben Heydt)

Nearly a year ago, the small town of Mount Joy Pennsylvania was struck with a loud explosion and news that the ever-popular Kid’s Joyland playground was set ablaze by two teens.
The destruction to such a well-known center in the community that nearly everyone has spent time at was all that the town could talk about for days. The community was so involved with what had happened not only because they have spent time there as a child, or possibly even with their own children, but because a large number of people in the community were part of the team that helped build the playground.
One of those people and co-coordinator of the original project, Susan Heydt, was extremely disappointed with what had happened to the place that held so many memories.
“The morning after the fire I went to the site by myself so I could be alone while I saw it for the first time”, she said. During her second visit, Susan was able to cross the fire lines and enter the crime scene with the borough manager.
“It wasn’t until after I was inside the structure that I realized the extent of the damage”.
Now, a few months later, good news came to the community. Plans to rebuild the playground from the ground up have been approved with the entire town behind it. However, with the good news also comes some bad news: the playground will be receiving no insurance money for the act of arson that took place. So once again, Kids Joy Land will look to the members of the community to fund and give their labor to the rebuilding process. The target goal planned to be raised in an effort to save the playground is posted at $115,000.
One local business, Union Community Bank, has openly donated $5,000 towards the cause and has made it possible for members of the community to leave a donation when they enter the bank inside the lobby. However, since the blueprints for the new playground have been released and approved, the CORE (Community Organized Rebuilding Experience) committee is taking the initiative to raise money through fundraisers. The latest being a bowling tournament Bowl-A-Thon hosted by another local business, Clearview Lanes.
To learn more details bout the Bowl-A-Thon and/or how to contribute towards the cause, visit Kid’s Joyland – Out Of The Ashes.

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